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Web-Shooters are Spider-Man's basic weapon. They were created from Peter Parker's incredible intellect in order to further advance his spider-like skills. Spider-Man uses these shooters for various purposes, such as deactivating multiple devices, immobilizing opposing enemies and even traveling through New York by swinging from building to building.


The Amazing Spider-man (Comics)Edit

In the original comics the web-shooters are hidden under Spidey's suit and feature an automatic web cartridge refil belt. As the web-shooters are hidden under his suit it appears as if he has organic web-shooters when he doesn't.

The Amazing Spider-ManEdit

The Web-Shooters featured in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise feature a small web cartridge for Spidey to hold and reload his webs. When activated, the cartridge flashes a small red light to indicate its function. In the climatic fight on the Oscorp roof-top the Lizard destroyed Spider-man's original web-shooters.

The Amazing Spider-Man (video game)Edit

In the video game The Amazing Spider-Man, the Web-Shooters are shown but however do not light up, they are only visible on the default costume.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2Edit

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the web-shooters  have been re-created due to the Lizard destroying Spider-man's original web-shooters on the Oscorp roof-top fight. The web-shooters are later modified with Gwen Stacy's assistance as the webbing conducts electricity, Peter does this so that he can defend himself from Electro. Peter has also incorporated an MP3 player into his web-shooters so he can listen to music while swinging through the streets of New York.


  • Peter got most of the supplies he used to make the Web-Shooters from Oscorp Industries - even the web was based on their design.
  • Peter's original intent for the shooters' designs were different from what they look like now.


The Amazing Spider-ManEdit

The Amazing Spider-Man 2Edit


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