Troy is a character appearing briefly in the film The Amazing Spider-Man. He is played by actor C. Thomas Howell.


Troy only appears for a short time in the film, but he plays a vital role in the origin of Spider-Man's name. After his son, Jack, is saved by Spider-Man from falling off the Williamsburg Bridge in a burning car, he thanks the hero and asks his name. It is at that moment when Spider-Man receives his title of Spider-man.

Later on, Troy sees Spider-Man struggling to get to the Oscorp Tower due to his wounded leg. Recognizing Spider-Man as the vigilante who had saved his son, Troy decides to utilize his fellow crane operators. They place the crane necks in a row in front of Spider-Man to help him swing to the Oscorp Tower in time to stop the Lizard and end his intentions for the cross-species plague.

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