Frederick Foswell (died April 8, 2014)[1], known as The Big Man, was an underworld crime boss in Manhattan and a long-time Daily Bugle crime beat reporter. 


Frederick Foswell began working for the Daily Bugle sometime during the 1980s, becoming a crime beat reporter.[1]

Attempts to organize crime as the Big ManEdit

A year later, The Big Man and his gang, The Enforcers, engaged in a shootout with the Russian mob in Brooklyn, killing three of their men.[2] Less than a week later, a townhouse in Greenwich Village was raided by Spider-Man, leading to the arrest of The Big Man, unmasked as Frederick Foswell. He confessed to his crimes, but did not provide motives.[3] He was sentenced to Ryker's Island Penitentiary. A week later, the prison allowed him to write a confession for the Daily Bugle.[4]

For a couple of weeks, Foswell helped out at the prison by working in the commissary, but was eventually killed and placed in the storage closet adjacent to the commissary, where his body was found.[1]


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