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The Amazing Spider-Man 3
Director: Marc Webb
Release: July 28,2017[1]
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An untitled sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was acknowledged by Denis Leary, who portrays Captain George Stacy in the first movie.[2] On March 19, 2014, Marc Webb has talked to E! Online there's a possibility on seeing Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman in a future film.[3] On March 31, 2014, Woodley told Total Films that she's unsure about appearing in the third film as Mary Jane.[4] On April 16, 2014, Den of Geek reported that the Spider Slayers and Black Cat are lined up for future films.[5] On May 4, 2014, Webb is interest in seeing Kraven the Hunter as the villain in the film.[6]

In February 2015 the film was cancelled in favour for another reboot, with Sony collaborating with Marvel Studios to put Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



In an interview with Marc Webb, he has stated that he is interested of introducing Kraven the Hunter in the third film.


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