This article is for the series. For the achievement, see Amazing Spider-Man.
The Amazing Spider-Man eighth poster

The Amazing Spider-Man (abbreviated as TASM) is a media franchise focusing around the Marvel hero Spider-Man. A number of properties previously being developed within the universe will now be set in their own universe, titled the Sony's Marvel Universe.The Amazing Spider-Man (2012),The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) were produced films both directed by Marc Webb.In 2015 the Following sequels were cancelled due to Sony’s deal with Marvel to put Spider-Man in the MCU. But now Sony will be producing a Venom spinoff film set to release on October 5,2018 and a female spinoff named Silver and black and future spinoffs such as Morbius and Nightwatch will also be produced and directed. These movies will now be set in Sony’s Marvel Universe and outside of the MCU due to the failure of the Amazing Spider-Man universe but The Sinister Six movie could still happen if Marvel wants it.Sony will also put Silk Spider-Man spinoff in development in their Marvel Universe.