Stan Lee
Stan Lee is the creator of the fictional character Spider-Man. He is also the executive producer of the film The Amazing Spider-Man. Lee plays as the fictional character Stan as a librarian in the film and as a non-canon DLC character and a canon side character its video game adaption.

Lee states he wishes to have a bigger cameo (possible role as Stan) in the second film than he did in the first.[1]

Biography Edit

Stan Lee was born on December 28, 1922 in New York City under the name Stanley Lieber. Since his birth, he's made numerous achievements, including becoming the president of Marvel Entertainment. Alive today, Stan Lee is one of the most famous super hero-related people of all time.


  • Lee mentioned that his cameo in the first film and video game are the best cameos he's had in Marvel media yet.
  • Lee appears non-canonly in the game as a playable DLC character, voiced by himself. His mission is to collect all his lost comic book pages using the web-slinging powers of Spider-Man.
    • Although Stan uses Spidey's powers, he wears regular clothes. It is implied that he hides Spider-Man's Web-Shooters under his suit's sleeves, or just doesn't have them at all.
    • While Stan swings around the city searching for his pages, he makes humorous remarks about the younger generation.
  • Lee plays a canon character also, however, in the video game. His character's name is Stan (with an unknown last name), and is an obvious reference to himself. Stan is a close friend to May Parker, Peter Parker's aunt, and asks Peter to house-sit his apartment while he is away. Soon, his apartment gets destroyed by the evil Alistair Smythe and his Spider-Slayers, but it is rebuilt after the game's events.

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