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Real Name Stan
Gender Male
Movie The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Game The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Actor Stan Lee
Status Alive
Stan is a long-time friend to Peter Parker and his aunt, May. He appears in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man and the film of the same name and is voiced and portrayed both by his real-life counterpart, Stan Lee.

The man appears in the first film's sequel attending Peter Parker's graduation.


A family friend of the Parkers since the 1960s, Stan always showed up smiling. Popular for his amazing storytelling, Stan has even been known to have original works of fiction published on occasion, while also somehow managing to appear briefly in numerous Hollywood productions. He is the librarian at Midtown Science High School, when, while stamping books and listening to music via headphones, he was completely oblivious to the fight between town hero Spider-Man and his former cross-species enemy, the Lizard. He owns the apartment currently housing Peter Parker, but it was almost entirely destroyed after Alistaire Smythe's Hunter-class Spider-Slayer flew over it.

Although much damage has been done to Stan's apartment, it was eventually rebuilt after the events of the TASM video game.

In TASM2 video game, Stan is shown to being the owner of his own comic book store.


  • The canon character Stan is a very obvious reference to Stan Lee, former president of Marvel Entertainment and creator of the Spider-Man character.
    • Since Stan is Stan Lee's fictional counterpart, his in-game bio references much of Lee's real-life accomplishments, such as publishing fictional work (comic books) and appearing in Hollywood films (many different Marvel films, including The Amazing Spider-Man).


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