William Baker (better known by his aliases Flint Marko, and of course, the Sandman, or simply Sandman)  is a villain who has the abilities to control and turn himself into sand.


While the Sandman has not made any phyiscal appearance in both the film series, and video game series, yet, there has been references and easter eggs in the video games.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Sandman has the ability to control sand, and is able to morph his body into anything he wants. For example, he can morph his arms into different sand weapons, and can even morph himself into things such as a giant sand monster. He is also able to harden the sand, compressing at will, thus allowing hi to deal a significant amount of more damage to his opponents.


  • In other Spider-Man media, the Sandman was one of Spider-Man's greatest foes, who would later on reform, and would eventually become an ally of Spider-Man. 
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man, there is an easter egg where you have to take photos for Whitney Chang of  a hole in the ground filled with moving sand, a sunken medical tent and a hazmat doctor and a cop discussing the situation.
    • A news story then follows about a sick girl who is taken to the hospital by a landslide of moving sand. (This is  presumed to be Flint Marko's daughter who in the comics suffers from cancer.) 
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, during a mission where Spider-Man has to track down, and fight the Kingpin, he is assigned by J. Jonah Jameson that there has been a pile a sand nearby, and he needs a picture of it. Spider-Man checks it out, and from what is shown, the player sees a huge pile of sand, and a green striped t-shirt. Spider-Man says that this is a lot of sand to come from a truck, and there's footprints.

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