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Richard Parker
Richard Parker leaves
Real Name Richard Parker
Alias(es) Richie (by Mary Parker)
Gender Male
Movie The Amazing Spider-Man
Actor Campbell Scott
Status Deceased

Dr. Richard Parker was a scientist at Oscorp Industries in the works with his colleague, Dr. Curt Connors. Parker and his wife, Mary, were parents to Peter Parker. When Peter was only four years old, his parents disappeared randomly. They left Peter under the watch of his brother and sister-in-law, Ben and May.

Since his parents' disappearance, Peter has been trying to find the truth about who they are and where they went. Soon, Peter realized that his parents died in a plane crash. He then went to Connors to find more about the truth of his parents, but even Richard's closest friend and workmate did not know.

Richard Parker worked with cross-species spiders at Oscorp, unknown to many, Richard used his own DNA in his work so that only his bloodline could fully access and continue his work.

Richard Parker says goodbye to his son
Richard farewells his son.
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