The Reptilian Antidote was designed to counter-act the effects of Connor's Lizard gas and was developed by Gwen Stacy.


The antidote is blue in color in contrast with the Lizard gas and stored in a test tube, the antidote was made by Gwen in Oscorp whilst she also attempted to hide the Ganali Device from Lizard which failed. Lizard then took it to the top of the Oscorp tower and set installed the tube containing lizard gas which was automatically put onto a two minute timer, Spider-Man then came along, took the antidote from Gwen and managed to place the antidote just in time for it to spread a blue cloud of antidote which affected the Lizard himself who was climbing up the satellite spire at the time, to prevent Spider-Man from doing it; and was turned back into his human form and arrested.

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