Oscorp Secret Labortory Edit

There are many Oscorp Secret Labortaries. Most of them are in the head quarters

of Oscorp-----------Oscorp Tower.In Oscorp Tower , the entrance to the labortories

have a sign-------RESTRICTED ACCESS on it.

Oscorp elec labortary

One Oscorp Secret Labortory

Apperance Edit

Oscorp Secret Labortories appeared many times.They mainly appeared in the background of inside of Oscorp.In the movie , the

inside of the labortory is revealed in Biocable Develepment Unit.

And it keeps high techs such as Otto Octavius's machanical arms.

Trivias Edit

Plutonium 238: In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game) , a line up of Plutonium 238 is seen in the door

of one labortory.

Gallery Edit

Special projects

Special Projects

Deleted suit

A robotic suit made by OSCORP

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