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Norman Osborn
Norman Osborn the Amazing Spider Man 2
Alias(es) Mr. Osborn
Gender Male
Age 63
Movie The Amazing Spider-Man (picture, mentioned)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Game The Amazing Spider-Man (mentioned)
Actor Chris Cooper[1]
Status Deceased
"We have plans for you, Peter Parker."
—Norman Osborn[src]

Norman Osborn,[2] is the CEO and founder of Oscorp Industries. He appears in a darkened picture in the film The Amazing Spider-Man and was briefly mentioned in the game of the same name. He made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Little is known of Norman Osborn, other than that he has a terminal illness and is dying from it. Dr. Curt Connors' and Dr. Rajit Ratha's experiments with lizard DNA were an attempt to cure him, until Connors used the serum on himself, transforming into the monstrous Lizard. After the Lizard was destroyed (for the first time), Connors and Ratha quit their works, and Connors was thrown into a mental institute. Currently, there are no known cures for Osborn's illness, and it is unknown if anyone is even attempting to cure him.

Norman's son Harry returns after years away and visits him in hospital, where by this point Norman is in very poor health. Norman explains to Harry that his illness is genetic, and that he is at the right age where it begins to show. Before he dies, Norman gives Harry a device saying it is his life's work. The next day, it is reported that Norman had passed away.


  • Osborn, in other Spider-Man media, takes on the identity of the Green Goblin, a famous Spider-Man villain.
    • Many fans once speculated the silhouetted figure in the after-credits scene in the film to be Osborn, and that he will turn into the Green Goblin in the film's sequel. However, Rhys Ifans, portrayer of Connors in the movie, has said that it was not Osborn and that the second film's villain would instead be Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.



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