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NYC Thoughts

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New York City Thoughts (stylized as NY City Thoughts or NYC Thoughts) is the main live feed in the TASM franchise. It fairly resembles real-life feed Facebook, but is mostly a counterpart to Twitter.

List of Thoughts

Oscorp Is Your Friend Striker_Dave: "Am I crazy? I think I just saw a rhino running in the streets! Did the zoo make a statement?"
GranPwell: "Suddenly grateful to live in the suburbs... o_O"
JohnnyFiveAces: "It's been hours now... What the HECK was that giant robot?"
MrKang: "No word from Oscorp yet. Guess they're still writing the cover up story."

Oscorp Is Your Friend

Neb: "Does some1 knows how to uncling a cat from a ceiling?"

Striker_Dave: "Am I crazy? I think I just saw a rhino running in the streets! Did the zoo make a statement?" GranPwell: "Suddenly grateful to live in the suburbs... o_O"

JohnnyFiveAces: "It's been hours now... What the HECK was that giant robot?"

MrKang: "No word from Oscorp yet. Guess they're still writing the cover up story."

Escape Impossible!

Heyasni: "Or by aliens! (Oh...and it's "Alistaire"...)"

Yezalel: "Well... guess we could build a subway station in that hole."

Espi: "Seriously, Spider-Man! What the heck!?!"

Aeowind: "Oh crap!!! The Lizard's out again!"

Groshector: "Yeah! Thank Spider-Man for that! Such a menace!"

EbiMcKnotty: "There must a misunderstanding here! This can't be true!"

Jak: "Just moved in my new house. Insurance don't want to cover for that giant robot thing."

In the Shadow of Evils Past

Nyobman: "I was right, have you seen the news. Spider-Man evades Lizard."

Piou: "I don't understand, he's the one that put him in Beliot in the first place."

AlanSmithee: "Do you think it's related to this giant robot?"

BranTurismo: "Why isn't Spider-Man behind bars right now?"

SorsLaWinch: "Has it begun already? The Lizard infection I mean?"

Fleed: "Don't be stupid. Everyone knows that Connors is not the Lizard anymore.

Gaube: "People stop freaking out, you're sick coz you're just sick... Stop being p-noid."

jZ: "Just saw Spider-Man, no-one with him, didn't have time to ask him about Connors."

Input: "Has anyone seen Mike? Mike! Where are you man?"

SteveY: "I know it's not unheard of, but... did we ge as many missing people reports before all this crisis thing happened?"

Lovebots: "Don't want ot be rude here, but I think I'll go with that Alisaire guy. Machines don't call in sick."

Nope: "You coundn't have possibly said that!"

The Thrill of the Hunt

Intra: "Weird things are happening in the sewers, I can tell!"

GregT: "You've seen a crocodile? ^^"

Hugh: "I agree, I saw weird stuff happening in the sewers yesterday..."

Olove: "Am I the only one really sick today?"

trea: "I'm sick too. Flu?"

Yer: "I feel really weird... Heading to the emergency ASAP!" OhO: "What's with that zeppelin? Don't you think it's inconsiderate to put on that kind of show in the situation we're in right now?"

DaveD: "No! People need to be entertained! It helps with morale. :)"

Crres: "(+1)" Ohmyrod: "My brother is missing, and he is not the only one... What's happening here! WE want some answers!"

Re: "They just told us about the infection, be careful people!"

PikPim: "Where does it come from?"

Gare: "Don't know but I feel like hell..."

Stu: "I've seen a man changing into some kind of animal zombie. I tell you guys this infection is spreading. Watch out!"

Pursuing the rat

Poppy: "I've just seen the most crazy thing today... A giant rat was crawling on my window!"

Trew: "Spotted the giant rat on Fifth..."

Gune: "He is being trapped by some cops as we speak... It's disgusting... Where did it come from?"

To Smash the Spider

Momi: "I don't care about them - can they fight outside of the city?!"


Tom: "It doesn't make me feel better!"

Spot: "I've been doing some research & the rate of people disappearing has increased 230% daily."

Kyle: "Told you it was Oscorp's fault!"

Fred: "Oscorp should be taken down!"

Proli: "Yeah! **** these *********"

Tsed: "Is there a cure at least? I've heard nobody knows how to stop that!"

Esee: "No cure for now... We have to be careful! Put your mask on people!"

Bee: "I won't stay one more minute in Manhattan"

Nox: "Me neither! Let's run away from here."

Smythe Strikes Back!

Nox: "Me neither! Let's run away from here."

Luvz: "We can't leave the city!"

You: "Of course we can!"

Mo: "Getting worse and worse!"


Sarah: "This is too much! I'm getting out of this city!"

Un3t: "Have you seen this?"

OutofOffice: "It is the apocalypse people."

NYC: "Stay home. Do not go out till the threat bas been exterminated!"

Ulysse: "First, this infection. Then giant robots... Oscorp is killing this city! For good..." Trine: "Spider-Man is gonna save us, people! Have faith!"

Rock: "Have you heard or what, there is no cure! We need to leave before everyone is infected! Spider-Man can't do a thing!"

Paulo: "Have you seen Oscorp building? How can someone lose it like that?"

Kreedz: "I'm afraid of going outside... Do you think they're still delivering pizza?"

Yellow: "Glad not to be in Manhattan."

Steve: "Security are not letting us go to Manhattan..."

Trey: "Does it mean we are quarantined?"

Roax: "Anyway, you just need to watch out... It's not like the virus can spread into the air..."

kris: "I think it can!"

Def: "You sure?" kris: "I don't know... Nobody knows what's happening..."

Roax: "I'm sick listening to the news... They don't know a thing!!!"

nomnomnom: "This is the end..."

Oer: "I just saw my wife collapsing... In front of me..."

Qas: "I'm basically living in my bathroom..."

Rew: "Breathing is more and more difficult..."

Prec: "I want to go to the emergency room, but I'm afraid of going outside..."

Karine: "Why is there NOBODY that can help us?!"

KeriB: "Our thoughts are all with you, Manhattanites!"

Yuri: "We're not dead ok?"

Vios: "My wife is missing please help me!"

Justin: "I've been bitten, what can I do ? Please! Help!

Ascent: "Bank robbery in Saint Gabriel's bank... People are crazy!"

Pirt: "If you're into robbery I think it's the perfect moment you know..."

Iris: "Is everyone sick... I don't want to get out..."

Franck: "Stop being afraid... It's not like it's a big deal... We're gonna get through this..."

The Apocalypse

quadd: "Let's blow this place to Kingdom Come!"

Fikm: "That will solve our problems for sure, dimwit!"

arkkim: "You'll never find me! If you get near me, I'll kill you!"

zardozzer: " There has to be a way out of this!"

66keyz: "I can hear scratching in the basement!"

miki2: "Grocery store has been ransacked! This can't be happening!"

Def: "If they can't make it stop, I will! And it won't be pretty!"

Manza: "They're at my door! They think I'm one of them! Oh God!"

spiel: "How can I get out of here? I can't jump, I'm at the 16th floor!"

Ranta: "If I don't make it, can someone feed my cat?"


Yury: "If you read this, you should be outside and live a little! XD"

Quas: "Still a bit of clean up to do but, hey, just glad I'm alive."

Duff: "So many friendly people on the streets now."

Zorane: "Glad everything's good, it was even worse than the corrupted blood incident of WoW..."

66Keys: "Well, it was a bit worse than my marriage, let's leave it at that."

SaltyDompierre: "After what I've been through, nothing's trivial anymore."

BoomBoomRoom: "Nicely said!"

CLB1: "I was fortunate enough to find my entire family. Safe and sound. Life is good."

QapriQom: "Headed upstate this weekend. I need a break. ;p"

LtCoolDee: "It's over! Guess I'll let my computer cool down a bit."

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