Michael Morbius is a character in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


Michael Morbius works as a biochemist at Oscorp Industries. He was forced by Rajit Ratha to create the hybrid human-animal Rhino for the mafia.[1]

One of Oscorp's most publicly celebrated scientists, Michael Morbius won the Nobel Prize three years ago for an outstanding achievement in biochemistry. In the time since, however, Morbius has grown more and more reclusive, avoiding human contact as much as possible, and choosing only to work at night. This practice, along with his recent penchant for experimenting on bats, has prompted his colleagues to refer to him as "the Living Vampire". If only they knew the truth...

In actuality, Morbius is dying of a rare disorder that slowly dissolves his blood cells. Under the guise of developing a new wonder drug for Oscorp, he secretly works on a cure for his own condition. Whereas Curt Connors was convinced the key to reversing his own condition was within reptiles, Morbius just as strongly believes that distilled fluids from bats will hold the key to eliminating his own disease.

Shortly before the Lizard incident, Morbius' work was put on hold. Knowing his own work was a few steps behind that of Connors, Morbius dug into Connors' research as soon as it was presented to him by Rajit Ratha. However, Ratha forced Morbius to remake Aleksei Sytsevich into the Rhino, putting Morbius' work with bats back by weeks.

Now, months later, and with no more threats from Ratha (Lizard had murdered him), Morbius' research carries on. He believes that he even has finally created a cure for his disease. He needs only try it...


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