Man-Wolf is a villain who is mentioned in one of the Easter Eggs in The Amazing Spider-Man (video game).


In the video game, you are asked by Whitney Chang to take photos of the after-events of mysterious activity on the roof of the Daily Bugle building. You then have to take photos of: claw marks on a door, torn clothes hanging on the daily bugle sign and what appear to be footprints "from a big dog".

In the article it is then mentioned that the creature could be a victim of the Cross-Species virus or something completely different all together.


  • In the comics Man-Wolf's alter ego is John Jonah Jameson the third (J. Jonah Jameson's son). Which may explain why the event occurs on the roof of the Daily Bugle.
  • In the article by Whitney Chang she makes it sound as if it is a cross-species of human and dog.

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