The Amazing Spider-Man-Hydro Man Easter Egg01:31

The Amazing Spider-Man-Hydro Man Easter Egg

Morris Benchis a comic book villain who is referenced through an easter egg in The Amazing Spider-Man video game.

Proof of existenceEdit

In the game you are given a photo mission by Whitney Chang where she asks you to take photos of: a fire hydrant ripped open, a manhole cover that has been thrown and encased into a wall and a giant hand print.

Hydro Man is the only logical cause for all this because he is the only character who possesses abilities that could cause a scenario such as this one.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Hydro Man is able to turn himself into water, taking any shape or size whilst made out water.
  • Able to blast jet streams of water from his arms.
  • Is able to travel extremely fast through water when in it (e.g pipe water systems or the sea)
  • Super human strength


  • In the game Whitney refers to the being who caused the mess a poltergeist.
  • The reason that the hand print is so big is because Hydro Man is able change in shape and size, very much like Sandman only he's made out of water.

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