An unnamed man is a small-time criminal responsible for the death of Ben Parker.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, he is identified as Dennis Carradine and Spider-Man attempts to track him down at the start of the game, however he ends up murdered by Cletus Kasady.


The Amazing Spider-ManEdit

Wanted poster

Peter realises that his uncle's killer is the man he let escape

The "Cash Register Thief" is first seen robbing a convenience store, shortly after Peter Parker had argued with the clerk over being a few cents short to pay for a bottle of chocolate milk. After distracting the clerk, the thief steals money from the register and tosses Peter the milk bottle. Already upset, Peter lets the thief go out of spite. Very shortly after, the thief bumps into Ben Parker, Peter's uncle, dropping his gun. After wrestling for the weapon, the thief eventually gets a grip on it and shoots Ben Parker, killing him. 

Peter later attempts to find and apprehend the killer in an act of revenge for his uncle's death, before donning the mantle of "Spider-Man" and becoming a hero. 

Video Game ContinuityEdit

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game)Edit

While in the film continuity it's not known if Peter is still looking for him, in the game the first few missions involve Spider-Man looking for the Cash Register Thief, named in the game as Dennis Carradine. Eventually Spider-Man finds him dead in a back alley, having been murdered by Cletus Kasady.


  • In the comics, the man who murdered Uncle Ben was simply known as The Burglar.
  • In video game, the Cash Register Thief is named Dennis Carradine which is also his name in Spider-Man 3. It is unknown if this is his name in the movie.
  • It's unknown where his location is after murdering Ben or if Peter is still looking for him during the time of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, ironically the video game tie in for the sequel has Spider-Man looking for the Cash Register Thief before finding him dead, a victim of the murderer called CK.

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